*Perfume Bar Services are also available by appointment if the shop isn't open!





Feel free to walk-in to our shop* and sample scents and perfumes at our perfume bar. Some of the services we offer at our Perfume Bar are:

  • Walk-In Scent Sampling

        Like wine tasting -- just as intoxicating, but it's free!


  • Walk-In Mini Perfume Workshop

         1.You get carried away sniffing things

         2. We set you up with a mini perfume organ on-the-spot

         3. You make perfume to walk-out with!


  • Gift Service: Custom Perfume Gift Consultation

        Your gift recipient will love the thought and originality of

        a custom perfume made just for them!

             1. We'll make it for you (your gift recipient)

             2.  We'll customize your gift options

             3. After a consultation, we'll take a deposit and your

            custom perfume will be finished within 2 weeks or less


         Scent is literally the most memorable sense, and

         custom scent makes a perfect gift!











Not sure about attending one of our perfume workshops?

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Custom Perfume Service

If you love the idea of having your own custom fragrance,

But would prefer to have it professionally done... Please inquire about our Custom Perfume Service.


You tell us what you love, what you envision, what scents you adore, which ones you hate, etc.

We'll do the brainstorming, consulting, blending, formulas, bottling. Voila! You'll have something no one else has with your own custom perfume name.

We can make this process as simple (impromptu, on the same day), or as complex (involving a couple weeks of consulting and sourcing special materials) as you want. Before starting any work, we will agree on a price plan based on the demands of your custom perfume process.