Our workshops allow participants to explore various scents from a host of fragrance families: floral, spicy, woody, green, animalic, fruity, herbal, citrus, gourmand, to name a few. We also offer an all-natural perfumery experience for those who are interested in natural materials. But our scent experiences don't stop there. Try our herbal scent-making experience 'fur' your favorite pet!


Each participant will be stationed at their own perfume organ where you'll have access to a minimum of 64 scents for mixing. Your perfume organ contains base notes, middle notes, and top notes from different olfactory families. You'll learn the difference between each and what ratios work well for your composition(s). 


You will walk out with your own perfume(s)* with custom labels. For Individuals or Party Options, please see Reservations page.


Additionally, check out our Perfume Bar: it's like wine-tasting -- you go to the bar and sample different scents, or blend a mini perfume yourself to get a taste of what our workshops are like. Then you can always come back for the full-scale workshop experience!


We follow International Fragrance Association (IFRA) guidelines

for professional perfumes.



Party Ideas: 


                          Men's/Women's Night Out

                          Bridal Showers

                          Bachelorette Parties

                          Bachelor Parties

                          Valentine's Day

                          Fundraising Events

                          Corporate Events

                          Holiday Parties

                          Sweet Sixteen

                          Mother's Day


If you have a special party request, just let us know. We're happy to accommodate your special event!




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